ridiculous setlist

Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
a Maiden show with the following songs in the following order would be interesting I think. any ideas for extras or special effects to be added?:

Can I Play With Madness
Hooks In You
Guitar Solo Adrian Smith
Fear Of The Dark
Speed Of Light
Lightning Strikes Twice
Drum Solo
Bruce reading 20 minutes from his book
Twilight Zone
From Here To Eternity
Wildest Dreams
Black Bart Blues
Empire Of The Clouds, with 5 minutes additional piano solo by Bruce
Guitar Solo Janick Gers
Iron Maiden


Women In Uniform
Wrathchild (again)
Losfer Words
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Ya know what? Since were already here mates, why not just go full batshit bonkers and do an unexpected cover setlist of songs theyve never done before? Here's a few I think would be electrifying if Maiden did them. :D

When I Think About You I Touch Myself (imagine it TNOTB style)
Poker Face (with the powerslave eddie in lady gaga gear lurching over everyone)
If You Wanna Be My Lover (with aging Bruce in an old spice girls outfit xD )
Stonehenge (Spinal Tap) I'm willing to bet this one of H's dream songs to do live xD Seems like his kinda thing.
What about covers of

Hooks In You
Childhoods End
The Apparition
The Man Who Would Be King

Marillion, Fates Warning and Dio songs