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I tried searching, but couldn't find a thread for them, so here we are.

John Frusciante is re-joining the band yet again. I'm glad to hear it, too. He played on the best albums, and I'm excited to see where the band goes from here.

RHCP is one band that's near the top of my list of bands that I haven't seen live that I'd really love to someday.


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Thumbs up from me!
I've completely lost interest in them since Frusciante left the group and it didn't seem he left on a high note (there are couple of gems on Stadium Arcadium but there also a lot of nothing back there.
I'm with you, I've think I've maybe played it a couple of times when it came out and never again. The Getaway, I've only heard it last year and I must admit I've surprised myself how much I've enjoyed it. Although I've liked different approach there still seems to be something missing to get me completely hooked, so I'm looking forward to new one.


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Last couple of days reviews from their tour have been popping up on my phone and I think there wasn't even one that was a bit positive. Reason: they didn't play the hits.
They were in Australia and New Zealand promoting their two new albums and some people went far enough that they demand their money back because they didn't play "Under the Bridge" on one gig or "Scar Tissue" on the other and so forth.

Just goes to show you what would happen if Maiden removed some "songs" we would like to remove from their setlists.


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I’m getting they two new albums tomorrow, how are they compared to the other Frusciante albums?
"Unlimited Love" falls into the worst category of albums - it's extremely forgettable. I only remembered one song and only because it was bad. I wish the album was bad, maybe I'd return to it one day. This way, there is no chance I'm listening to it again.
"Return of the Dream Canteen" is way better than the previous one and maybe I liked it more than I should because "Unlimited Love" really lowered my expectations. However it's nowhere near what you'd expect from Frusciante's return. It actually only makes you want to listen "Californication" and "By The Way" again (not a big fan of "Stadium Arcadium").


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I see :ahhh: I’m kinda expect them to not be as good as Blood sugar sex magik and Californication, but it would be cool if some tracks are very good. At least they have done quite alot of tracks during Covid-era, compared to GNR…