Rating of all Maiden members in terms how intelligent they supposedly are

Dick Brucinson

Bruce Dolci
If all Maiden members were to go through one and the same intelligence test to measure each of their IQ's - what do you think how would the ranking of the results probably look like, top = most intelligent Maiden member to bottom = least intelligent Maiden member? :smartarse::D
Weird thread but Janick is probably a very smart dude. At least he doesn't strike me as stupid. Didn't Adrian say in a documentary that Janick is well educated?

Bruce is on both sides of the scale which is quite the achievement.
Post-secondary education according to Wikipedia:

Janick: Bachelor's degree in the humanities.
Bruce: Bachelor's degree in history.
Steve: Attended studies to become an Architectural draftsman.

On a sidenote, Bruce mentions in his biography that he struggled with maths and physics in school (qualifications in maths and science are quite challenging to obtain in the UK though, compared to some other countries).
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Bruce, Janick or Adrian for smartest.

1. Nicko: ribs with coleslaw
2. Adrian: his own caught fish
3. Steve: Arry´s pie
4. Bruce: omelet a la Sharon
5. Dave: prawn cocktail
6. Janick: some obscure Polish dish
Don't be daft. Janick would serve up the Teesside delicacy of Hot Shot Parmo with chips (ie chunky fries, not crisps), with lemon top ice cream for dessert.