rate all 17 Maiden albums best to worst

Helmuth Von Moltke

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I am going to politely restate the fact that if you work in a organisation with a boss who sets the rules, you do tend to follow them to keep your job. When it comes to Janick's songwriting, he is following the constraints set down by Steve (similar constraints that led to Bruce leaving in 1993 due to being unable to bring in different musical inspiration). Janick is subject to the same constraints, and to accuse him of recycling ideas without taking this into account is churlish, to say the least.

Iron Lurker

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Since a Mod has already made two comments about cease and desist I think you should really just let this go…just saying.

Helmuth Von Moltke

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To be fair the debate had nothing to do with the topic of the thread

That in itself is debatable. The thread is about the quality of all 17 Maiden albums.

So if on nine of these albums (FOTD - SJ), one regular songwriter has repeatedly 'recycled' and 'self plagiarised' in their songwriting, surely this affects the quality of well over half of Maiden's recorded work?

Recall Gers' credits (5 x FOTD / 7x TXF / 1x VXI / 3x BNW / 3x DOD / 2x AMOLAD / 2x FF / 2x BOS / 2x SJ). That's 27 songs Gers has co-written for Maiden since 1992. If he's a "weak link" in songwriting terms, that's a problem for the quality of nine of the seventeen albums...

...the relative quality of which, after all, is the subject of this thread.