Random Song: Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

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Night Prowler

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No one opened a new thread for a few days... I re-wrote the rules, if it's OK with the rest of you :halo:

These threads are inspired by Daily song threads that featured Maiden songs.
Random song thread has to have a poll that has 1-10 options for voting.
First user to reply to a Random song thread opens the next thread two days later.
If that user doesn’t want to start the next thread, he can pass that option to the next user.
If no one opens the next thread 4 days after the opening of the previous thread, first user to notice it can open the next thread.
Song picking:
-pick songs you think a majority of forum users will be familiar with, or
-pick songs which are unknown but you think a majority of forum usera will like it.
When you open the next thread, repost these rules.

On to the song: my favorite Van Halen song, has a fantastic riff and though it was released almost 25 years ago, it still sounds fresh and relevant. 10/10!


Cannon Fodder
Easy 10 from me... nice to see a song I can praise highly... VH's self titled album still has the magic for me that it did when I was a kid in 1978... this album shook my rock n roll foundations as a kid, and EVH is was and always will be one of my favourite artists. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love used to be required learning for young guitarists... still should be...


Living for Sanctuary from the law
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Yep, right there with Unchained as Eddie's contribution to the list of greatest guitar riffs ever written.
All kinds of raw energy and a reminder of how Roth's vocal attitude could work so well before he became a parody of himself that was only made worse by the fact he was copied by every frizz-haired douchebag in '80s America. Don't listen to it much anymore, but thanks for an excuse to put it back on my digital turntable.
One of the essential songs that turned me into metalhead 30 years ago.
Loved this track then. Love it now.

Crimson Idol

It's been a while so put it on for a catch up, I love the intro riff and always have.. the guitar throughout is great, Roth's vocals have always been very hit and miss for me though...

As Van Halen tracks go, it's up there.. but if I was to take my baselines of say November Rain/Paschendale level being a 10... then it wouldn't come anywhere close (depending on whats a 0 ofc :p... perhaps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edML-Wuhqy4 being one of the worst things ive ever heard)... It would put it at around a 7 or so.

Ofc, now I've given some baselines I'm trying to think where I'd rate Maiden tracks... as I would feel guilty putting ANY music below a 5 as when the 0 is that low :p


I'm not that big into Van Halen, but this song was very good.

The vocalist was very good too, and Eddie was awesome here  :D

But the song was a little bit boring, if it wasn't for that i would give 9 or 10. So i give it a 8.  :)


Ancient Mariner
I couldn't find a better Van Halen topic. Didn't feel like posting it in "Di'Anno" because I thought the song subject would be more interesting than the singer itself. ;)