Random Iron Maiden Band Member sightings

Who here has randomly seen any of the Iron Maiden band members outside of a show venue or planned meet and greet?

This can’t be the best story anyone has, but I saw Nicko and Harry at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas the day after their performance at The Mandalay Bay event center on the TBoS tour in 2016.

I noticed Ed Force One parked at one of the gates, which was novelty on its own. After a while, Steve Harris walked through the terminal with a security escort and boarded. He looked like he more or less just wanted to get on the plane and not be bothered. Some obnoxious couple shouted out at him and snapped a picture of him when he turned to look, which he didn’t seem thrilled about.

About twenty minutes later, Nicko walked through, also with a security escort, and shook hands with a few fans in Maiden t-shirts who were milling around and also an elderly couple who were sitting at a row of slot machines near the gate.

I wasn’t close enough to go up and say hi to Nicko (and Steve didn’t look like he was in the mood to be bothered), but it was cool randomly seeing them nevertheless.

Wayne Bond

Educated Fool
I’ve seen Steve a few times outside of gigs. I was born and grew up in Harlow, Essex (UK) and Steve lived in a village literally next door to Harlow town.

I used to be the manager of a local high street bank which happened to be the one Steve banks with so on many occasions I saw him using the ATM lol. One time I remember he came into the branch, this was back around 1999 and he had his daughter Lauren with him. It was literally a few days after I had just sorted out tickets with the UK maiden fan club to go to see the Ed hunter tour in Paris and Rotterdam. I took the opportunity to approach him and started talking to him. He went absolutely beetroot red ha ha. He was clearly a bit embarrassed to which Lauren took great delight in and teased him about how he had been recognised.

I didn’t spend too long with him as I could see he was uncomfortable but we did exchange a few words. He was pleasant enough and I got his autograph


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Janick and Dave were upstairs in a bar that has a rock bar in the basement after the gig in Dublin in 2005. I didn't approach them as, to be honest I don't know what I could say that would be of any interest to them, but some of my mates did, and one had a smoke with Dave outside. :lol:

I also seen Janick having a wander around the streets of Dusseldorf on the afternoon of the gig in 2007.


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I have only met Bruce (4 times). The first time I bumped into him in London back in 2006 (see my profile pic). I had a quick chat with him and though he was quite nice and much quieter than on stage.