'rainbow's Gold'



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I can`t believe that no one has commented on this song yet. I really like it, it`s the first one in my Maiden library on my computer, so it`s a kind of a opener whenever I listen to Maiden. I haven`t heard the original version though, so I can`t say which is better.


clap hands

Rainbow’s Gold is a cover of a song by a virtually unknown UK band called Beckett. It’s a decent song with a cool riff but some pretty pedestrian vocal melodies. Maiden sound like the they’re having fun, so it’s definitely enjoyable.


I actually really dig this cover a lot. It sounds great in the Powerslave sound and its got a nice little groove to it in the verses. Bruce kills it!



Ancient Mariner
Always loved this song; although when the song speeds up, Bruce is a bit hard to understand on the 2:30 mark and at the end when he sings "I'm so tired", I could not make out the last word "tired". Thanks God for the internet!
Obviously would love to see this live but will never happen