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For a band called 'Rage' they sure do have a lot of shitty ballads.

Rage is a German Power Metal band (that formed out of the ashes of 'Avenger' in the mid eighties) led by Peavy Wagner, who also happens to plays bass in the band. The band played a fairly straightforward Speed/Power style of metal up until the mid 90's, when they flirted with symphonic elements in their sound. Rage has been on and off with the symphonic stuff since then. These guys have a lot of albums, close to 22 or 23.

Of their more speed and power oriented material, here's some standout albums:
Perfect Man (1988)
Secrets in a Weird World (1989)
Trapped! (1992)
The Missing Link (1993)
10 Years in Rage (1994)
Black in Mind (1995)
End of All Days (1996)
Soundchaser (2003)

From their Symphonic stuff:
Lingua Mortis (1996) (my favorite from these guys)
XIII (1998)
Ghosts (1999)
Speak of the Dead (2006)

Here's some favorites of mine:


Rage Band is also present in PAKISTAN.
Rage band from Karachi, Pakistan which was formed in 1986. The current line-up of the band is Salman Haidery (Vocals), Christopher (bass) and Amir Ajmal (Guitars).
In 2012, the band came back to the industry and released their single "Ik Aag Hai". and "Yeh Pyaar Hai" - Coming Soon