Quest For Fire

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Greenwich in the Sky
Oh, hey, one of the joke songs the band usually reserves for b-side material somehow got on the album! How about that.

...wait, it's NOT a joke song? Really. Well, I'll be. This song is...awful. It's not even So Bad It's Good quality, it's just bad. Some people here find merit in it, I've tried to see whatever that could be, but I just can't. I just think it's utterly clumsy and not worth any respect. What a moronic song this is. A 1/10 suits it fine.


Years Wasted
Since I have my book to sell ( for supporting my old folks in Venezuela, this kind of post will be one of the lasts...

"'In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth, when the land was swamp and the caves were home, in an age when prize possession was fire...', everybody had a crack up about that! But, bless his pointed little head, nobody told Steve! Alright Steve, here we go woaaaaakkk!" (Bruce Dickinson for Sylvie Simmons – Creem - October 1983)

"I did it! More to prove it could be done than anything else." (Bruce Dickinson for Paul Stenning – Iron Maiden - 30 Years Of The Beast: The Unauthorized Biography - 2006)

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Kind of a throwaway on Steve’s part. The music does bring to life prehistoric times, but the beat isn’t very memorable, the lyrics are silly, and it’s a bit of an oddity just in general. It’s okay, but so much weaker than everything that came before it on an up-to-now fucking cooking record. 6/10