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Quest For Fire

Discussion in 'Piece Of Mind' started by Anonymous, Apr 11, 2004.


How good is Quest For Fire on a scale of 1-10?

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Here, you can read other visitors' comments on 'Quest For Fire' as well as post your own. Any contribution to the commentary will be much appreciated, may it be cultural references relevant to the song (links to related websites, interpretations that may have been overlooked in the Commentary, and the like) or personal essays related to the topic of the song. Just be aware that messages that are either off-topic or too wacky may be deleted.
  2. Lib

    Lib Ancient Mariner

    'quest For Fire'

    Worst Maiden song ever. No doubt for me.

    I like nothing in this song : lyrics are stupid, music is tastless. And the interpretation is bad : I have the impression that they have recored it at 3 o'clock in the morning. The drummer will fall asleep, and guitarists are tired. The singing isn't inspired.

    note : 0,5/5 (0 is not allowed, but I wouldn't give 0 to a Maiden song...)
  3. Uwe

    Uwe Trooper

    'quest For Fire'

    When looking up the definition of "filler track" one should be pointed to this one. Stupid lyrics and musicwise it's also sub par, especially when comparing it to the rest of the album.
  4. jr123

    jr123 Invader

    'quest For Fire'

    Like most ppl will agree here the lyrics aren't up to par as other maiden tunes. But the instrumentals are awesome. Solo's are F'cking awesome and considering the two solos by Murray and Smith take up 1/3 the song i consider this tune as a fave. At least the solos in my opinion are the some of the coolest i've heard from maiden. It seemed as POM proggressed they got into their Powerslave style of play where soloing and atmosphere was really strong and Powerful. A good example is To Tame a land . but thats another song [!--emo&:D--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'biggrin.gif\' /][!--endemo--] as for this paticular song the solo structure is Maiden at its best IMO : Twin Axe Attack
  5. ohgar_boy

    ohgar_boy Trooper

    'quest For Fire'

    I quite like this song, actually. The solos are very well done, and the lyrics aren't THAT bad. You guys expect too much from Maiden, and don't let anything slip...

    It's not one of my favourite tracks on POM, but I won't skip it.
  6. Onhell

    Onhell Mexican Revolutionary

    'quest For Fire'

    Well, I used to think like most of you until I saw the movie Quest for Fire which inspired the song. They make a very good job of summerizing the movie(except for the very first line of course) and musically it is a good song. I HIGHLY recommend people watch Quest for Fire, not only to gain a deeper insight on the song but a deeper insight on who we are as human beings. You will learn quickly NOTHING has changed in 80,000 years, we are still fighting over fire (now we call it oil or money) and we bump into other people in different stages of evolution lol. Not to mention it is the classic "jouney"story in which the characters learn from their journies and experiences, and we should too. Great movie, good song... three stars.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    'quest For Fire'

    Underrated song. Lyrics might not be the best ever, but musically, it's pretty good. 3.5/5
  8. Kynisk Sokol

    Kynisk Sokol Ancient Mariner

    'quest For Fire'

    Well okay, the lyrics are sort of cheesy, but maybe if you listen to a lot power metal, they won't seem so bad. The solos are great that's for sure.
  9. national acrobat

    national acrobat Ancient Mariner

    'quest For Fire'

    I know a lot of Maiden fans don't lke this song much, but if you can forget about the worse-than-average (putting it nicely) lyrics, this isn't a bad song at all.

    I'm not sure Bruce would still be able to hit all the high notes here, but it certainly makes Justin Hawkins from The Darkness seem less original than most people give him credit for, if you see what I mean.
  10. Maidenfreak

    Maidenfreak Ancient Mariner

    'quest For Fire'

    Drawn by quest for cheese, I had to vote in here!
    Those lyrics are hilariously crap, but we all know that. Musically this song ain't too bad actually, offering some really nice basslines. But Bruce singing "In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth" in that operatic style just makes me laugh so hard that I can't stop to enjoy the rest of the song [!--emo&;)--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/wink.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'wink.gif\' /][!--endemo--] 3 stars
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    'quest For Fire'

    I am a student of Prehistory, so the lyrics to the song should make me cringe. But why arent they...?
    You guys are letting the first line overshadow the whole song, it appears. The words are much better than <insert any Manowar song title here>. They may not be an in-depth study of the palaeolithic or neolithic age, but hey, give the guys a break. And give me a break. The chaps are doing a pretty good job of making a song about a bunch of cavemen, and what more do we want?
    Bruce's singing is not the very best here, but I just love the way he sings the words "were home" in the second line, it sounds like someone pinched his balls in that moment.
    Musically, it is a very dramatic and inspired piece. The opening riff does not seem to want us to take it seriously, but the rest of the song is really great.
    Not Maidens best song by a mile, but certainly not one of their worst. 3.5 stars for me.
  12. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    'quest For Fire'

    Definitely not a top class song. But also a bit underrated. Often you read "the worst Maiden song" or "crap lyrics".

    I have never disliked the song. The instrumental mid-piece is very interesting even. Very nice clean, melodic solo's. Adrian delivers one of his finest solos from that period.

    Also the part with the guitar harmony is cool. Steve varies the bass underneath. First he plays along with the guitar melody, then later he plays something else, more rhythm based. A cool thing, I think, that wasn't done often.
  13. Iced Maiden

    Iced Maiden Prowler

    Re: 'quest For Fire'

    This is one of the worst... I really try to enjoy it... but can't. The lyrics really... aren't interesting at all. Feels like filler overall.

    Sure, lyrics aren't the most important thing... but the music isn't anything special. It's just not as good as the rest of the record. A real downer.
  14. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    Welcome to the Daily Vote Thread! Rules are here.

    Remember, only a decent review will count towards the contest.

    Today's song: Quest For Fire

    Yesterday's song remains open for voting! You can find it here.
    Sometimes, you just have to take a shit. I tried to like this song, I listened to it forwards, backwards, underwater, above water, in the air, in a car, whilst eating green eggs and ham, and during sex. I don't like it. It's musically boring, it's lyrically bad, and even Bruce is only mediocre here (on an album where otherwise (save the WED chorus) he is utterly incredible). 3/10.
  15. Prowler_108

    Prowler_108 Trooper

    Re: Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    3.  I like the intro, but it's pretty much downhill from there.  Almost sounds like a parody of what they were elsewhere on the album, with an especially poor performance from Bruce.
  16. Unknown One

    Unknown One I see the ghost of navigators.

    Re: Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    This is definitely the worst song on the album for me. The thing that really gets on my nerves in this song is the high pitched shriek Bruce does (twice) in the first verse. Quite like the instrumental section, but the rest of the song is meh. 4/10 ( probably would be a 5/10 without those shrieks).
  17. Black Thunder

    Black Thunder Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    The reason is obvious, the song is bad. The only reason I'm not giving it a 2, or 1, is the scream.

  18. Ranko

    Ranko I'll shoot the gunner first!

    Re: Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    I'll give it a 3, weakest song on the album. Prowler_108 said it best, it almost sounds like a parody.
  19. valacirca

    valacirca Trooper

    Re: Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    :down: :devil: :dead:
  20. Invader

    Invader Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Quest For Fire

    I seem to rate this song slightly higher than most people; I gave it a 5.  I think other people have already satisfactorily explained why this song is... less good than others on the album.

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