Problem with Drums



Now I've got a drumkit but I've got some problems, two Toms, one floor Tom, that's all well but I've got some problems:

- My Snare is how I like to call it "blurring", or I detach the snares and it sounds like a Tom, or I attach the Snares and they will keep on rattling (on their best I can get them they are somewhat sharp but still shake when hitting Toms.

- Cymbals of course, I've got a Crash and a Hi-Hat but they're not really solid and a Crash and Hi-Hats isn't very much to go with, I want a China!

Now I'm asking your opinion. What to take care of first? the "blurring" snare or the Cymbals?
Tighten the snare's chains and forget about the china (that's for carnival music).
If all you have is one crash cymbal, I'd get a ride cymbal and a second crash before getting anything exotic like a china cymbal.
While we're talking about drums, what would you recommend me as a first kit?
find something used, you'll get much farther for the same money.

for the original poster: as Mav said, tighten the springs and cut any that might have fallen off at one side. I also agree with getting a ride and a second crash (or even a crash/ride) before going for the china. Chinas are good for their niche(s), but you're much better off with a crash/ride combo.
[!--emo&:lol:--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/lol[1].gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'lol[1].gif\' /][!--endemo--] Don't forget the cowbell!!!
It all depends on what sound your looking for, first you need to sort out the snare cause the snare is the most used drum. So like said above, tighten it and any lose ones should be just cut off. As for cymbals again get some second hand ones from somewhere, or if you got the money go for sabian.