Preview button fails to work


Taking hold of the flame
everything grays out and I can't type
When it's greyed out, what you're seeing in the text area is the preview. Test it by previewing a quote - it should change from "[name]:" to "[name] said:". Even when the preview button looks greyed out, you can still click on it to bring everything back to normal.

Or does it just work differently on my computer?


Staff member
I updated the board to Xenforo 2.2.0 and this seems to be a reworked text input for them. It's a bit uninuititve, but as Midnight says it's there for if you're using BBcode and want to see what the post will look like - Xenforo's own buttons seem not to put BBCode in anymore, and just show you what you're going to end up with so I can see how it's confusing.