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I've been meaning to post about this for a long time, and I finally got around to it! My favorite tab program by far is PowerTab. In case you've never heard of it, it produces professional-quality tabs both onscreen and printing. And it's absolutely free! I've been using it for years and it's good enough that I've never even bothered looking for anything better.

Relevant links:
[a href=\'http://www.power-tab.net/\' target=\'_blank\']Main PowerTab site[/a]
[a href=\'http://www.power-tab.net/downloads.php\' target=\'_blank\']Program download page[/a]
[a href=\'http://www.powertab-central.net/index.php?page=sitelisting\' target=\'_blank\']A list of sites with PowerTabs to download[/a]
[a href=\'http://www.powertabs.net/\' target=\'_blank\']PowerTabs.net - the best site for downloading tabs[/a]
[a href=\'http://www.powertabs.net/pta.php?page=artist,37\' target=\'_blank\']The Iron Maiden page at PowerTabs.net[/a]

The last link above contains links to 159 Maiden tabs (100 Maiden songs, some have multiple tabs available). Almost all tabs include note-for-note solos; many also include basslines. I've looked at every one of them, and almost all of them are supremely excellent. In case you don't trust my judgement, every tab is rated from one to five stars by the other users of the site (so you can easily avoid the few bad tabs). If you scroll down that page past the alphabetical listing, the tabs are also listed by album.

Note: the tabs at PowerTabs.net are zipped, so you'll need an unzipper.


I agree PowerTab is good, but not as good as Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro has tons more essential features, supports unlimited simultaneous tracks, including drums, percussion, etc, which isnt supported by P.T. Guitar Pro's official archive www.mysongbook.com has 272 maiden tabs, with ALL instruments (including keys, drums, etc). The only thing is Guitar Pro isnt free, but then.... thats what P2P was invented for!


I have been using Powertab for a few years now and have written some pretty awesome compositions on it. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

Admittedly Guitar Pro is better, Powertab is free. Acid Pro is a good mixing program, but not cheap.


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PowerTab does one thing Guitar Pro can't ... a good-sounding fade (in or out) over a single note, when the file is exported to MIDI.

I have now switched over to Guitar Pro because it allows me to write drum parts, but I still import files into PowerTab just to get those fades.
(Export MIDI from Guitar Pro, import that MIDI into PowerTab, export final MIDI out of PowerTab after adding the fades.)

Also note: I have an old version of Guitar Pro, so maybe newer versions do better fades.


Jeffmetal said:
Best thing is Guitar Tux. Once you get that, forget Guitar Pro and Power Tab.

Thanks for that Jeff, I'm checking it out at the moment, so far so good.  :ok: