Posting Issues


Black-and-white leopard
You know there's been this double-posting glitch lately but it seems that all of us more or less learned to deal with it.
But I have a very frustrating issue with PMs. There are periods of time when I just can't send a PM at all. When I click on the Post button, it just becomes inactive and does nothing. This goes on for about ten minutes and then things are back to normal.

Night Prowler

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Last week I tried sending one to Per. Unlike when posts glitch, this time not even refresh helped, so I just used Facebook instead :p I dunno if they arrived or not.

Moon Child

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I've had the forum posting glitches but I find it strange that I have not expirenced any issues with PM posting. I have no problems with that. Whatever the issue is, hope it gets fixed.


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Haven't had the problems with PMs but I definitely get it with posting. Sometimes it won't even let me post at all.


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My signature is still here, and I can see yours. Have you accidentally de-selected 'Show people's signatures with their messages' in your Browsing Preferences?


Ancient Mariner
I do not know what happened. But when I checked (in Preferences, right, it is not called Browser preferences overthere?) it was indeed not selected. When I selected it and saved it, nothing changes.