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Ancient Mariner
Lost In A Lost World is my favorite song right now. The first line "All is not it seems to be on the outside" I thought might be a quote, but google doesn't know it apart from Maiden. I wonder how it sounds to native English speakers. it's grammatically very free, right?
Yeah, a lot of Harris songs have this issue. A lot of lines on this album sound grammatically incorrect and forced.


Ancient Mariner
Lost in a Lost World is a bit disjointed and whatnot, but I've been humming "Nowhere to go, nowhere to run... Our whole nation overrun"
for basically three days now, so I guess Steve a lot right too.


Ancient Mariner
Very enjoyable album for the most part with some memorable aspects. At this stage I find a couple of Steve’s songs to be exercises of self-indulgence. Let’s hope that’ll change soon!


Educated Fool
Maybe Steve's done a Bruce and has gone all Nigel Farage on everyone? The populist narrative around Brexit was that Britain was being overrun my immigrants (it wasn't).
I was trying to be silly.
I know the connotations of ‘nation being overrun’ I just have a hard time when people are always framing things in a way to find something to get upset about.


Educated Fool
I've only been through it once, and other than a couple Adrian solos, nothing has really jumped out at me yet.

But that's ok. It usually takes me a while to absorb a new cd.

To me, that's half the fun. Gradually hearing things as you get more familiar with the cuts.

"Hey, that was cool! I didn't notice that before"


First forum post - I've been "lurking and liking" for a while now.

There's so much to unpack with this record, it took me a couple of run-throughs for me to really take it all in. But it doesn't feel like 80 minutes, it flies by.

I'm blown away by this album. It's like the band reached into my mind to see what I loved best about their back catalogue and made my perfect album. Pinching myself that it's real.

Any talk of cutting songs or intros is just mind boggling. Those intros are some of the album's highlights. Gives it variety - light and shade. I can see how Steve's noodling at the start of TRATB might be seen as self-indulgent, but all the intros on this album are beautifully played stunning melodies.

I could listen to 9 minutes of the intro to LIALW as a track in itself - if anything, it's not long enough!

OK, I'll admit: It sounds a muddier than the 80s albums. And a bit of noise/distortion on the epics - shame - but it is what it is. I try not to let the experience be spoiled by nitpicking. I can ignore the flaws because the music is that good.

The Parchment and Hell on Earth are both up there with their best epic closers - to get TWO epics of that calibre ending an album is astonishing.

That riff at 3:32 of Parchment is as good as anything in Hallowed (my fave track), it's just slower and majestic. And the beautiful intro/outro from HOE completely wipes the floor with the intro/outro to WTWWB (which up to now has been my second fave Maiden track).

And then there's Death of the Celts too, which is no slouch. When I've got a spare half hour, I like to listen to all three.

I think from Time Machine onwards, each track gets better and trumps the one before it.

Jaw-droppingly good.

I'll stop waffling now in fear of sounding like a teenage fanboy. I'm old enough to know better and have only been a fan since 2019...

Welcome, officially. We must have the same musical tastes because I agree with everything you said. Up the Irons!


The song is about Native Americans being slaughtered and removed from their homelands by European settlers. You’re really reaching if you think there are alt-right connotations. At worst you’re insufferably insensitive to compare the indigenous peoples to Nazis.
I had no idea it was about that, my mistake. I just saw that lyric, thought about some of Steve's 'tendencies' and put two and two together.