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Ancient Mariner
May I ask which parts do you find most repetitive in that song ?

The whole thing? :lol: I mean, the vocal lines are repeating the same melodies over and over again.

That being said, it has some sort of hypnotic quality and is miles better than repeating the same words over and over again!


Ancient Mariner
For me repetitive is not quite the right word, but the song opts for a steady, progressive build towards a climax. It's also relatively dense and uniform at any moment, without sudden in your face changes.

The result, at least in my case, was that I'd turn it on, and everything before the tempo change near the end blurred together.


Educated Fool
The whole thing? :lol: I mean, the vocal lines are repeating the same melodies over and over again.

That being said, it has some sort of hypnotic quality and is miles better than repeating the same words over and over again!
Yes you're right, the first vocal part is one minutes of the same melody repeated over and over gain. The second vocal part takes around 2.5 minutes of different melodies.

However this repetition doesn't bother me at all, maybe because for me these parts seem driven equally by melodies and by the story telling.

Anyway the album is still very new, we need more time to confirm if this song is really special compared to Harris epics from the previous albums.


Ancient Mariner
The Time Machine is still the absolute shit. One of my favorite Maiden tunes ever. That along with Lost In A Lost World.


Educated Fool
I thought he suddenly woke up on TBOS. There's some great bass playing, for instance on title track. It was really unremarkable a few albums before that.
Seriously. Steve was so root note for years. Just 777777777777777777777777--333--555 repeat


Educated Fool
Senjutsu : 6 I really want to love this as it's fairly different for them and very atmospheric. But it's so plodding. The tempo never changes and I think that's hindering my enjoyment of it. I know sometimes it's weird when Maiden suddenly add a fast bit in out of nowhere (like brighter than a thousands suns- though I like that tune) but I kind of wish they did so here.

Stratego : 9 Really enjoyed this from the first listen. Enough has been said about the two singles I think.

TWOTW : 8 - Though I will say that I do find this one perfectly enjoyable.

LIALW : 7 - Very X Factorish when it gets going. At least Steve is doing something a bit different in the intro. Pretty typical Steve Maiden but at least he's writing some riffs again, rather than just E C G D with new melodies over it. (More on that later)

DOFP : 6- I just find this to be a nothing song and completely forgetable. Sorry.

The Time Machine : 8 - The intro ripping themselves off and the utterly pointless outro piss me off but other than that I find this an enjoyable listen. A few awkward verses though.

Darkest Hour : 8 - It's a good song, I like the da da da da riffage bits at the end of the choruses. Reminds me of out of the shadows.

DOTC : 6- Sorry Steve I think it's your worst on the album. Nice to hear Steve playing some interesting things once the song gets going. Not impressed with the intro to be honest.

The Parchment : 8 - I really like this. I love hearing Steve writing riffs again, and those easterny riffs are cool. It's a shame we have the same problem where we have to listen to the riff four times round when twice would've sufficed but that's just Steve I guess. Love the ending and Bruce final note is awesome.

Hell on Earth : 10 - I criticise Steve for just taking the same old chord sequences E C G D and placing new melodies over the top. Slapping a slow intro and outro on and calling it new. I never thought much of Red and Black or Wild Wind, FTGGOG Was okay though Steve was in his repeat chorus phase at the time. Anyway, he does the same again here, but it rules! I think it's just because the melodies are so, so good that it carries the song over, even if the music underneath is something we've heard a million times before. (And yes I know I'm being overally picky- E C D is basically the entire Maiden sound) anyway tremendous song


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
Is it just me or are the lyrics to the Parchment (THE PARKEMENT) just random words??


Barbed Wire Hen
Is it just me or are the lyrics to the Parchment (THE PARKEMENT) just random words??
They are quite astonomish :)
Anyway, it seems to me those words are all written on the pakrement and someone's reading them
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Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
Pankrement <_<
Damn, I always get this wrong! I just don't get how he knew what the Pa(n)krement was but he could not pronounce it!!!!!AHAHAHA

BTW: I asked him whether the singles were the worse songs on the album!!!:)


The Angel Of The Odd
Damn, I always get this wrong! I just don't get how he knew what the Pa(n)krement was but he could not pronounce it!!!!!AHAHAHA

Similar* like him, you know what Pankrement is not, yet you can't pronounce it! :D

*same-same but different
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Yeah man, Maiden’s new album is so good, I think my favorite song on the record is “The Pancreas”.

“Helen Earth” isn’t too bad either; neither are “Dates of Future Baths”, “Death of the Seltzer Water”, “Tim’s Machine”, and “The Writing on the Whale”.

A slight step down from them is the epic title track “Seenyatoo” and the second single “Straitjacketo”.

I do think that “Lost in a Rollercoaster” could’ve been slightly more homogenous, but I still dig it, just as I like “Drake’s Hour” even though that ballad doesn’t quite connect with me.

Can’t wait for album #18!!!


Educated Fool
Senjutsu:When I heard this one I was pleasantly surprised, I still like it, its slow but it flows well ig. I could live with less than 3 solos and without keys and the Hear them coming part. This one is a solid song but probably not a good concert opener. 7/10

Stratego:Guitar melody starts nice and sinister. Lyrics from How do you read a madman's mind? to Upon my soul don't fit the song at all. This one is small and nice song, from Ocean is black, the devil's track to The pain almost too much to bear is the best part of the song. The solo is similar to a Senjutsu solo. The keys are too high pitched. 7/10

The Writing On The Wall:The first song we heard, not what I expected, it has a Country/Souther vibe. I don't like country/southern music at all. This song is different that the rest of the album, kinda doesn't fit imo. I initially didn't like this one but now I do. The solo is the best on the album and the whole reunion era but that chorus is a bit lazy and Bruce dragging on it doesn't make it better. Overall this is a nice song that I enjoy a lot. 6/10

Lost in a Lost world: A bit weird name for a song, I like the intro and its layered vocals, I think I hear some acoustic bass too. Iron Maiden always nail slow intros and sometimes you just wish the whole song was the same as the intro, but most of they just kick in and it doesn't fit. Bruce struggles a bit when it kicks, I like the prechorus but not the guitar following bruce, chorus repeats the name of the song and I don't like it and the instrumental part that follows it feels rehashed but I can't remember from which song, perhaps dod? It's fairly long, I also don't like the keys on the solo. Nice outro. As a song I don't like this one so much, 4/10

Days Of Future Past:Again a bit of weird name, I like the Chorus a lot. The solo isn't that bad on this one and the drumming marching part on 2:30 reminds me of Scorpions' Crossfire it's and Adrian song after all. Pretty okay song 6/10

The time machine:Intro reminds me of DOD a bit, when the song kicks its not a huge burst so it works. I like the I am not a preacher part a lot. The song drags a bit around 3:30 but recovers quickly after that part it feels like different parts of songs are crammed together. This song isn't great but it's not terrible either, it could be better with a bit of trimming, it doesn't need to be 7+ minutes, it could work better as 5, the outro I could live without for example. 5/10

Darkest Hour: I like the intro melody but this is my least favorite track on the album, I like the chorus but not much to say about this one. 4/10

Death Of The Cetlts: A lot of people criticize this one, also call it the clansman 2 for some reason, I guess because it talks about Celts which I don't agree. It has some medieval parts you can dance traditionally that remind me of Roisin Dubh. Bruce Dickinson is furious here just listen how he sings Come to me now, embrace it my friend. The first solo again feels similar to the first two songs and the parts after the solo are "borrowed" from Clansman and Empire of the Clouds, second solo is also similar to the Clansman solo. Bruce sounds ill on the outro. Nice song 7/10.

The Parchment:Oof this one is VERY good, Bruce keeps on giving, the Lord of light in the darkness our guide part is so nice. I'd stop this one around 09:50, it's like they've prolonged it in order to give every guitarist a solo. I don't have much to comment on this, enjoy 7.5/10

Hell on Earth:The intro reminds me of something but I can't think what. This is a very nice song, probably the best on this record, gets you very emotional, goosebumps and all that shit, awesome way to close an album 8/10

All you have been, all you have seen
Lost in somewhere in your dreams

As an album:production isn't good, the mix sometimes drowns Bruce and there's audible distortion is the 3 last tracks.It doesn't really have a fast track like the wicker man, aces high, futureal, man on the edge, etc. It mostly has slow big songs, so with 10 songs and more than 80 minutes of music it was a bit hard to digest and it took me some listens to learn the songs and distinguish them. But there is good material here no doubt. Maiden have been leaning into 70s prog rock although even 70s prog rock had some killer small metal songs like Temples of Syrinx. It's not a bad listening experience tho. I believe 6.5/10 is fair.


This may be controversial for some but I did a recut of the whole album(the only songs untouched are Days of future past and Stratego) down to 57 minutes. Cut some very repetive parts,some intros and some vocal parts where Bruce's singing is very hard on the ears(imo). And also Death of the Celts is now an instrumental now a la Genghis Khan instead of a Clansman ripoff. Overall its a seamless cut and my personal defenitive edition and bumps this album from a 5/10 to 8/10. Wish I could share it....


Educated Fool
It is still early for me to come up with where I feel this sits within the reunion albums. Currently I think is better than Book of Souls and Final Frontier.

It was the best first listening experience I have had since Dance of Death. I swear I drifted off to sleep on the first listen of AMOLAD and the two previously mentioned albums!