Plagiarism or similar Rock/Metal CD covers? Kiss, Manowar, Bruce Dickinson,Angra


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Perun said:
British Steel I think is (or was at the time) even a registered trademark. So that's actually a commercial rip-off if there ever was one. ;)
It was - and back then, the steel industry was one of Sheffield's biggest employers.


I think the whole Steel industry is pretty chill re: copyright infringement. Case in point: the Pittsburgh Steelers (US Football team) has their logo on their helmets (American sports teams don't have advertisements on them).
One of my friends posted something on facebook a little while back, there was this older obscure metal band whose album cover contained the figure that was the subject of Wolfmother's debut album cover.




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That's interesting. Probably is plagiarized. Wolfmother is a pretty good band btw.


SinisterMinisterX said:
Also remember that doing a homage to older album covers is a long tradition. There have probably been hundreds of album covers based on Meet The Beatles.


The most famous copy of this may be the first Kiss album

The first thing that came to my mind was the OU812 record from Van Halen...


Here's my favourite parody of Meet The Beatles:


And another Beatles parody from the mind of Mr. F. Zappa:


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Perun said:
Seriously? Is the word Endgame a creation of Dave Mustaine's?
:lol: Star Trek should sue the pair of them.

When I was at school some of my friends were in a band called Disposable Heroes. No prizes for guessing which band's songs they played. They always said that they were going to write their own songs and play them at gigs (they no longer exist in that guise), but I suggested they change their name so people didn't think they were a Metallica tribute band (which they were but didn't acknowledge it) but they said that it was ok to be called Disposable Heroes because there is a band called Darkest Hour who are named after a certain Megadeth song. I did however point out to them that 'Darkest Hour' isn't a phrase used exclusively by Megadeth and that most people never put the words 'disposable' and 'heroes' together unless they listen to Metallica.

Linkin Park named an album 'Minutes to Midnight', I don't know if this was a nod to a classic Iron Maiden song which you may be familiar with.


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They also released an album called A Thousand Suns.


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As I was typing, that was the exact thread I was thinking of.