Paul is on it again.


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Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno lashed out at a fan for shouting Bruce Dickinson's name during an October 4 concert in Greece, calling the fan a "fa--ot" and dubbing current Maiden vocalist "Brucy baby." As Rock Overdose reports, Di'Anno's outburst occurred less than 15 minutes into the show. "You think that's funny? You co-k-sucking motherf--ker. There's always one gay guy, always one fa--ot. Man, I'm not even gonna come off stage and beat the p-ss out of you. I'll get my security boys to take you out. Yeah. So shut your f--king mouth. Always one douchebag." The singer then shifted his rage towards Dickinson. "So, Bruce Dickinson," he began. "Listen, I do not sing opera and I'm not a ballerina. I just play f--king straight-ahead punk heavy metal. If you wanna go listen to Brucy baby, f--k off home. Otherwise, I'll play for my f--king friends tonight. So if you don't mind it, suck my d-ck, you c-cksucker." Di'Anno continued his performance, charging through "Marshall Lockjaw" track and the rest of the setlist. A similar incident took place last year in Ukraine, when another fan essentially did the same thing. Paul's reaction was also similar. "I'm sorry I don't do opera," he told the crowd and mimicked Dickinson's vocals on "Run to the Hills." He added: "It's too f--king easy and I'm not gay." Di'Anno got back on the road in August 2011 after serving time for conducting a benefit fraud. He fronted the metal giants on their first two records and was replaced by Dickinson in 1981.

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Hmmm, true, I'm sure. It doesn't really say much about them either though, does it. It's like, let's get him to say "faggot" again. Would these people like to wind him up & actually watch him chant this homophobic crap at someone who is gay? I mean, it's amusing how easily he's wound up; but it's not funny listening to the gutter talk he comes out with. Again.


I agree that Paul has lost everything he had and indeed everything that brought me to Maiden but why on gods earth would people go to a gig just to shout for Bruce??!!! Give the guy a break. If you don't like what he does then don't go.... Simples.


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True...But he doesn't make it any easier for himself when he keys off like that on stage. People are gonna watch these videos and it's all anyone is gonna remember. Next show someone in the audience is gonna poke their friend and say "I dare you to shout Bruce Dickinson" ;)


Surely people that go to Paul's gigs know that there will not be pitch perfect singing..... as you may expect from Bruce.(usually)
I, for one, will never go to one of his shows as all he does now is shout and that doesn't always fit the songs in my opinion. I'm sure the atmosphere at his gigs are great, and I am no way dissing the guy, but he had one of the most amazing and also unique voices but somehow he seems too lazy to use it.
I guess it's easier to be controversial than be a decent artist.


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I'd probably go see him if he were nearby (or I happened to be nearby where he was playing) and the ticket was reasonably priced. But my expectations would be pretty low given the youtube clips of his singing nowadays. But, it would still be cool to hear some of the old songs and hear Paul "sing" them.

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I can't help feeling sorry for Paul, he's become a bit of a pathetic spectacle of late. Remembering what he used to be capable of, seeing him like this just makes me feel very sad.


I'm not going to defend his choice of insult, but I don't blame Paul for having a go at the guy in the crowd. It is a Paul Dianno concert, not an Iron Maiden one.

I get sick of hearing people call out "Slash!!" during modern Guns n' Roses shows. But yelling Bruce's name at a Paul show is considerably dumber. We get it - you like the other musician better. But keep your opinion to yourself, or expect to get shat on. I mean, what kind of reaction did they guy expect to get? "Yeah, you're right, I wish Bruce was here on stage singing instead of me - he's much better than I am".



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'Oy Paul, do you want some attention? Insult a fan in the crowd and watch it go viral on the internet!'


What did Geoff Tate do?

Two different incidents come to mind, both from just within the past year (because unfortunately I am somewhat of A Queensryche fan, so I heard of them heh).

Apparently Geoff said to a rather unresponsive crowd during a concert, "You guys suck!". The crowd then gave him a bunch of negative reception for the rest of the concert, and even the rest of the band members thought he was way out of line in saying that. He then denied that he said it as an insult, but rather as motivation.

And then just earlier this year, at a concert that I almost went to (in St. Charles, Illinois), he apparently grabbed an audience member's phone and chucked it futher out into the crowd. The crowd member never was able to recover it, and Geoff once again denied it (even though dozens of people captured the footage on film and pictures), and he then went on to accuse every single one of those people that they "altered" the footage to make it appear as though Geoff threw the phone into the crowd (to give him a bad image). It was really sad and pathetic...


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I don't blame the guy getting pissed, Maiden 'fans' are always quick to trash him online and bate him at live events shouting 'Dickinson' etc. He should be respected as a legend in his own right. The first two albums are legendary and he was a great frontman.