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Just heard Di'Anno's going to be part of a metal "supergroup" set to record a cover of David Bowie's "Heroes", to raise money for the victims of last year's Paris terrorism attacks. The lineup also includes Vinny Apice, Rudy Sarzo, Roland Grapow etc.



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I have to say that I like really his song "The Living Dead" from 2000, the intro is a little bit like "Strange World".


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I don't know which is worse - the fact he's so incomprehensible, the fact he's so often completely off-key there, or those harpy's shrieks in Phantom.

I think I'm going to officially retitle him Paul Drublanno.


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From Facebook

You stomp through the Subway,
Your thighs chafing up from the fat!
A footlong beside you,
You plunge into a heart attack!

Ice cream,
Fromage frais,
They laugh as they're watching you feed,
Behind you,
Your gluttony supplies all their needs!


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For something completely different.... I just thought it was interesting seeing these late 70's TOPS recordings...and much.. but also how little, Maiden's first TOPS recording differs from this and how much they actually followed trend. Particularly when it comes to Di'Anno and his aesthetic...

This is one year earlier than Iron Maiden appear with Running Free on the same show. There's like no difference... Now it makes me wonder if Maiden wrote Running Free specifically to get on TOPS...I'm starting to think so. At least these two tunes have a lot in common!

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