PAUL DI'ANNO To Fan: 'If You Like BRUCE DICKINSON, Go Home And Listen To His Records'

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Paul Di'Anno verbally attacked a fan who attended the former IRON MAIDEN vocalist's November 3 performance at Liverpool in Donetsk, Ukraine after the man kept calling out the name of the band's current lead singer — and Di'Anno's replacement — Bruce Dickinson.

In the video clip below, the fan in question can be heard repeatedly shouting out Dickinson's name in heavily accented English, prompting Di'Anno to respond, "I'm sorry. I don't sing opera. [Singing in operatic style] 'Run to the hills…' [That's] too fucking easy, and I'm not gay. This is punk. If you like Bruce Dickinson, go home and listen to his records."

He continued, "Why did you come and buy a ticket, motherfucker? This is real punk, man. This is what made IRON MAIDEN. Not the money-making machine. Why don't you go fuck yourself? I come up here to work hard. If you don't like me, fuck off! I'm sorry. I didn't say I was a nice guy, man. You fuck me up, I'll kick your fucking ass… and anybody else."

He then added, "OK, I'm gonna do the one song, which I wrote this song. This is the song that made IRON MAIDEN famous. This is about sex, drugs, rock and roll, Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Hells Angels forever. 'Running Free'."


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I don't agree with everything he said, but he had every right to chew that guy out. The guy was being an ass. Well, Paul was being an ass, too. He didn't need to insult Bruce to get his point across.

Reminds me of this, though:


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I can understand why Paul got so upset. It almost seems like the 'fan' bought a ticket just to be a troll at his show. Which I don't understand why anyone would do that...if you're not a fan, then don't waist your money and go to the show but people do that sort of thing, unfortunately. That being said, I think what Paul said about Bruce was a out of line. Just because the 'fan' was being a jerk doesn't mean he had to chew out Bruce but then I wonder if it's just some old grudge he was pulling out. In anycase, both parties in this situation were acting like asses.

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Yeah...that was really bad. :lol:

It was kind of sad to watch. He was once riding high with Iron Maiden and now he's reduced to singing his Maiden songs in clubs, yelling at a heckler and ragging on Bruce.

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I also agree that the "fan" was out of line and Paul had every right to chew him out, but what he said about Bruce was completely out of line.


While I like and support that Paul addressed the issue, he did take it too far. The opera comment wasn't that bad, hell even saying that he was the #1 Iron Maiden singer isn't bad (even though it's BS)... but when he calls Bruce Dickinson gay in the very next sentence, that really pissed me off. And this is a prime reason as to why I absolutely hate Paul Di'Anno.


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I'd say what most of you already did - they both went too far. But I totally see why Paul got mad and he had every reason to.

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Paul called Bruce the best Maiden singer sometime, then he does this. He called Killers a bad album except for the title track, then said it was good. You really can't trust the guy.


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I think the most interesting part of the video is the way how he completely fucks up everything he sings (except for, ironically, his Run to the Hills imitation). He's horrible! Whatever happened to him?

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It was very hard to listen to. It's a shame to see what he's become now. He was so great in the beginning with Maiden then just completely bombed.


Man, Paul is so delusional. He thinks he is number 1? That argument may have been debatable 25 years ago, but now?... not so much. He thinks Run To The Hills is "too easy?" He can't even sing Running Free or any other song without squealing and grunting like a pig. He calls people f*gs and gay, like a 12 year-old. He wants to fight? He can't even sing 2 songs without getting winded, and he can't walk because of his "busted knee," that he used as an excuse during his benefits scam.
This man is the epitome of has-been, washed up, jealous, pathetic, arrogant old asshole. And with all that said, he, or rather him 30+ years ago, remains one of my favorite singers/front-men ever. It's disheartening to see what a waste of a good talent he has become.


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Whilst I agree that it was wrong of the "fan" to heckle Paul when he was on stage, it's completely out of line for Paul to insult people by calling them "gay", "fags" etc. Makes me think that his bad attitude is the real reason he's reduced to performing old Maiden songs in clubs whereas the others are playing in front of tens of thousands of people all over the world.