Paul Day and Paul Todd in More: May 1980, BBC Radio 1


Ancient Mariner
Paul Day posted this on his Facebook. Thought some of you might be interested in hearing such old work by ex-Maiden members:

comment by uploader:
1. Atomic Rock, 2. Soldier, 3. I Have No Answers

Members of MORE on BBC Radio 1 recording:
Frank Darch - Drums; Kenny Cox - Lead Guitar; Paul Day - Vocals; Brian Day - Bass; Paul Todd - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Photos also include John Petrie - Bass; Laurie Mansworth - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Photo Credits: Rita Darch, Phil Ochiltree (RIP)

Re-Production: James Darch

"Tommy Vance and Tony Wilson (producer) got the very best out of us on this recording at BBC Maida Vale studios in May 1980"
"Soldier" was the only track released on Metal Explosion

This is dedicated to Tommy Vance