Pain Of Salvation


Educated Fool
I could not find a thread about these brilliant Swedes, so forgive me if there is one!

Are there anyone else in here who love this band? Have you seen them live, how were they?

For the last eight months, 95% of all the music I’ve been listening to, is Pain of salvation. I already found out about them back in 2003, seeing in some old music magazine that Remedy lane was «album of the month» and they were somewhat similar to Dream theater (Yeah, I was 17 years old and in the middle of a «OMG, Dream theater are gods! Mike Portnoy have the biggest drumkit ever!!!» ), so I bought Remedy Lane the very next day. I hated it first, but after 10-15 listens it clicked. I remember I bought The perfect element, On hour by the concrete lake and Scarsick some time later. All of them took some time to digest, but they were pretty good. But one day they were just one of many hundred bands I listened to.

Last year I tried The perfect element again after so many years, and it was the only thing I listened to for a month! Brilliant album. So I bought their newest album, In the passing light of day. And wow, it is a classic with fantastic songs, concept, production, vocal performances, arrangements...

So during the last months, I’ve listened to all their albums on Spotify, and really, these guys can play whatever genre they try out, and Daniel Gildenlöw is THE ultimate singer with his dramatic, passionate and warm voice, from Disco queen to Scarsick, Stress, Second love, Used...

Pain of salvation are currently on a festival run in Europe and also doing a headline tour during autumn, and also writing a new album! My goal for next year is to go to a Pain of salvation show


Educated Fool
Well, new album Panther out August 28th. I have of course ordered it. Three singles are currently out, the title track (awesome!), Restless boy (interesting) and Accelerator (odd but enjoyable). we’ll never know what to expect from these guys before each album, but the first three songs are very promising!


Ancient Mariner
I think they're a good band, and it's nice to have my small hometown produce a grade A level Metal band. Never gotten into them though.