Online Petition to get Paul Di'Anno and Bruce Dickinson together with Maiden for 2013

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I'd rather take "Blaze + Bruce Tour" or "'Arry and H on vocals Tour" or "Instrumental Tour" over this... Maybe there are people that prefer Di'Anno over Blaze, but one can't deny that Blaze at least has decent solo material and his concerts don't depend on Maiden songs. Di'Anno can't sing, can't move on stage properly and talked shit about Maiden numerous times.


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Paul is the definition of over-the-hill.
I don't want him anywhere near Maiden.


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Whilst few people would say that Iron Maiden and Killers are bad albums it is essentially fact that Di'Anno is a complete mess these days. Recent live footage essentially shows him stumbling around the stage whilst butchering Maiden's old material, him performing live with them now would be a joke on account of the huge gulf in quality between them.


No. No way.

Paul is a sad, pathetic shell of his former self. He is overweight, his voice is shot, he can't sing at all anymore, and his health is so poor he can't perform on stage without sitting on a chair for 3/4 of it. On top of it all, the guy hasn't done anything notable after Maiden's first two albums.

You could probably pick a random person from this forum to sing for Maiden and they would do a better job than Paul.


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Can we start a petition to ask the people who made this petition to take it down?


When Maiden gets inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Paul and Bruce might share the stage. I don't think it would be a big deal if Paul performed a song or two with the band, maybe a ballad like Remember Tomorrow. The Di'Anno era was short, but it was great.

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Even if Paul wasn't in the state he is these days, the most I could see them doing would be having them guest for a random gig like H joined them for Running Free @ Donnington 92... Scorpions did a gig with the old drummer+guitarists on appropriate songs once (and a tour with the old guitarists joining but that was only because they were the support acts and so were there EVERY night anyway).

HOWEVER, Having another guitarist join on stage is one thing, another singer is entirely different as it changes the bands sound considerably. And there is no way they would ever do the first 4 albums, because they've already done that and doing it again would be tremendously pointless.


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I agree. Bruce is so much Paul's better, that it would be a farce to let them share the same stage!
It's got nothing to do with Bruce being better than Paul - it's got everything to do with Paul's inability to perform. If Paul was in comparable shape to 1981, then sure. But...look at the guy. This is why Steve fired him, because Steve saw the Paul Di'Anno route of life and knew Maiden needed someone who could carry them for 20+ years.