Official Iron Maiden artwork and fan drawn Eddies (no AI images please)

I loved the Quest For Fire artwork! Its like Somewhere In Time Eddie time travelled back to the stone age (possibly inspired by Val Andrade's video for the song) and Still Life artwork also adds a new perspective to the song.

Which comic is this from?
The one for the 40th anniv. of the album that was released this month.

The QFF art looks cool, but it's not thematic. I agree about the Still Life one (''nightmares''), could have had a pool on it too (maybe it has?). The album cover art is a nice continuation. For WED I expected rocks and a snowy landscape, while for TTAL I expected a different Eddie and background (though we need to see the full art). The others are fitting, Revelations too. I think Bruce introduced the song in 2003 being related to Egypt.

With the LOTB game, I hope one day we have artworks with Eddie for every single Maiden song.
Revelations, Flight Of Icarus and The Trooper are the best ones. The others are pretty meh for me... So, I won't buy it. Not exciting and inspired enough for me. I would prefer some non-released yet live show/DVD to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Piece Of Mind. That would be cool.
Isn't it the Virtual XI Eddie trying to grab the airplane at the right side of the image?
Edit: iirc, they had such an idea with Derek in 1996.
It might have been for The Best of the Beast compilation album that year.


That picture makes me wonder if an image of the backdrop used for Wasted Years in The Book of Souls World Tour exists somewhere. That one was also an Eddie compilation.
Does anybody have hi quality files of new Eddie, LOTB 2020 tour artwork?
Hi, I have quite a few of these LOTB Eddies, plus quite a few others. PM me with your email. I also found this rare vintage Eddie by accident. It looks like a Derek Riggs Eddie to me from around the NOTB era. Has anybody seen this particular Eddie before, and where is he from?


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