Official 2020 Tour Thread

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Ancient Mariner
I just think if any of the gigs were going ahead he'd have said something like "obviously we are disappointed about the cancelled gigs but we're looking forward to the gigs we can play!"

EDIT: or even "hopefully we'll be able to play some of the gigs"
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Yeah, I've thought for awhile that the rest of 2020 is just canceled. I can't imagine things are going to start returning to "normal" until August/September, and by then I have a feeling most bands/events will just start planning for stuff in 2021, writing 2020 off.


Ancient Mariner
Entertaining video. :)

I wonder why Adrian is the only band member whose message is featured on the video. Nicko has recorded another message about the cancellation of the Australian tour, but for a band where a special relationship with fans is heavily claimed, I think their silence is deafening.


Educated Fool
2021 new album tour confirmed then (busy schedule)
Does make me wonder when the actual album release will be in the current situation.


Ancient Mariner
Rescheduling only Euro dates.

Wiener Neustadt and Barcelona within 4 days.

4th year of LOTB.

Likely a 5th year of LOTB.

Iron Maiden is now a Legacy band indeed.


Ancient Mariner
Looks like I am going to Italy in 2021 instead of this year .. pretty much figured that would be the case ..
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