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I like Virtual XI. It feels feels like the start of learning about Iron Maiden for me. Always will.
Ah I like it too, to be fair. Its just not well put together, in my mind. The lyrics of Lightning Strikes Twice and When Two Worlds Collide seem immature to me, they put me off but theres classic Maiden music in those songs. And I fuckin adore Educated Fool. I love when Blaze goes "yeah" under his breath at the end of the intro.


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I said it in the survivor thread, but Lightning Strikes Twice was one of the first songs I acquired, and it clicked with me, so it always gives me that feeling of wonder I had when I was first falling in love. And I like When Two Worlds Collide. It's a little naff for Maiden, sure, but it's well put together. Got good music.

I agree that it's not a great or even good album, but it's special to me.