Anthrax- State of Euphoria
35th anniversary

Saw this tour 2x:
1. Opening for Ozzy on No Rest for the Wicked
2. Front row at Headlining MTV Headbanger's Ball (openers were Helloween on Master 2 tour and Exodus on Fabulous Disaster tour)
I think it was my third album I bought when I was a kid after AC/DC's Blow up your video and Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. The 4th was Metallica's And Justice for all (Maybe I was the first person to buy in my town because Iw as out of the shop waiting for open and buy it.) Good times and fantastic albums all of them.
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Iron Maiden - Justice Of The Peace

I've been listening to these two songs a lot over the past few days and I imagine them would have been a good part of the album if they were included (the BOTB song too). This song gives me a bit of a ''Look For The Truth''/''Judgement Of Heaven'' vibe and despite some ''weak'' parts, I like the mood of it. Riff, opening verses, chorus, solo and harmony are pretty good. Dave's songs are always interesting.

Iron Maiden - Judgement Day

This is probably a more brutal banger than ''Man On The Edge''. Blistering chorus (plus a really fitting pre-chorus) and one of Maiden's wildest instrumental sections. Dave with one of his best solos too. This should be one of Maiden's most aggressive songs. The riffs are really great (like ''Be Quick Or Be Dead'' ones). Janick strikes again. Blaze is also a talented songwriter.

Btw, these 2 songs, ''Man On The Edge'' and ''Judgement Of Heaven'' feels essential for Maiden's 1992-1995 sound.

Artist: Paul Kossoff
Album Title:
Back Street Crawler
Release Date: 1973 (50th Anniversary)
Style: Blues Rock
Rating: 4/5
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