Ancient Mariner

Excellent reissue of what could well be their weakest album. It definitely works better as two separate records, like they originally intended.


Free Man
Manic Street Preachers, Everything Must Go album.

Very interesting first song. Like an intro, but song.
Now the second, A Design for Life. Looks like the "proper" opener. Wait, I know this. Great great chorus melody! I'm sure I've listened it in the past and liked it. Yeap definitely. In a Music channel, I saw the video. Was it black and white? Let's see*

Kevin Carter, didn't like that much.
Enola/Alone was ok.

Title track is great!
Small Black Flowers too. Smart placement within the album.
The Girl... not my cup of tea. Not bad though.
Removables. Nice one, with some Nirvana touch (About a Girl)
Australia & Interiors are great, one after the other, a streak of three.

Further Away continues the streak of good songs. Wait, I know that one too.
No Surface doesn't break it too either, beautiful closer. Hmm one of the better songs I'd say.

Design is the most catchy and probably my favourite after a first listen, then Small Black Flowers, No Surface. But all the second half is a very consistent and strong listen.

When the album finished, I wanted to re-listen the last song, No Surface. I'm listening to it now.

Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 17.51.55.png

*Nope, not black and white, just retro.



Last Son of The Miracle
Metallica - Hero of the Day

Great song. Just relistened to a couple of tracks off Death Magnetic and my brain's a bit frazzled from how fucking loud it is. This makes a nice antidote.