Out of the Silent Planet
From this album I like the songs ''Against The Wind'' (classic! perfect single with a golden chorus), ''Distant Skies'' (another anthemic song) and ''We Hold The Key'' (great riff, verses and chorus).
A much better album than the debut. Tolkki is a good vocalist with a similar voice to Kotipelto.

This album contains 4 songs that I like a lot:

''Break The Ice'' - one of the band's very best songs imo. Killer verses, riff, chorus, solo and acoustic part.
''The Hands Of Time'' - those melodic riffs and vocals!
''Out Of The Shadows'' - Helloween-esque catchy song.
''Lead Us Into The Light'' - brilliant outro and good chorus and acoustic verses for this ballad.


Free Man
I like a lot the Norwegian duo Röyksopp, since I discovered them ~10 years ago. Monument was a typical pop song from their album The Inevitable End (2014) that I always liked but this remix below was such an apocalypse! Discovered last summer, easily one of my top 5 discoveries for the year.

Robyn: We started writing Monument after playing around with a software that can stretch short bits of music into billions of years of sound. It made total sense to me that Max wanted to explore this floating feeling and mediation in the video...

Röyksopp & Robyn -Monument

To compare, this was the album version: