Out of the Silent Planet
Iron Maiden - Paschendale

Epic song by all means. Adrian should be really proud of it. :rocker:

I love how this song inspired a whole album (AMOLAD), just like VXI album was a blueprint for the BNW album or just like ''Afraid To Shoot Strangers'' was a blueprint for the style of the long song in TXF album.



Ancient Mariner
Mine too (in a way). 7th son my first cassette, Piece of Mind, my first vinyl.

I had most of 80's Maiden in cassettes, except Piece of Mind and LAD in vinyls.
Later I purchased vinyl for everything up to The X Factor. From then on all CDs (sometimes more than one edition) except BOS that I only have in iTunes.

Senjutsu I have both in iTunes & CD.
The only vinyl ones I have are Piece Of Mind,Powerslave and LAD. Have bought multiple copies of the rest of their albums on cassette and CD. Senjutsu I have on CD. Still like it.


Abysmal display of mental decay
This was obviously inspired by “The Thin 9 Between 10 And 8”…