Ancient Mariner
Avantasia - The Story Ain't Over

On a deep dive right now. I'd heard a couple of songs before (Dying For An Angel, Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose) and enjoyed them a lot but never properly jumped down the rabbit hole.


Out of the Silent Planet
I created a Maiden/Priest mirrored playlist for a mountain trip:

Starblind - Starbreaker
Invaders - Invader
Running Free - Running Wild
The Time Machine - Killing Machine
2 Minutes To Midnight - Living After Midnight
The Fallen Angel - Solar Angels
Blood Brothers - Bloodstone
Chains Of Misery - (Take These) Chains
Hell On Earth - Hell & Back
The Prophecy - Prophecy
Revelations - Revelations
Innocent Exile - Exiled
Futureal - Future Of Mankind
The Book Of Souls - Redeemer Of Souls
Quest For Fire - Firepower
Lightning Strikes Twice - Lightning Strike
Children Of The Damned - Children Of The Sun
Gates Of Tomorrow - Traitors Gate
Sea Of Madness - Sea Of Red
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