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I have played several Zelda like games and action RPGs and definitely find those more accessible. I just find the stories in traditional JRPGs to be kinda bland and not very interesting, with some exceptions like Earthbound where they mess with the formula.

I want to like JRPGs, it’s probably a matter of just finding the right ones. I’ll be giving some of the classics another shake, but right now I am enjoying the primitive NES style of games.


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I reached the conclusion that Red Dead Online isn’t for me, and I didn’t really have any interest in cleaning up more post-game content in the main RDR2 game, so I finally went ahead and deleted the 100+ GB install.

Finally finished a full run in The Persistence VR, but by that point I’d maxed out my character stats and all the weapons, and I had some very nice suits available too, so I’m feeling like I’ve seen pretty much everything the game has to offer. I might feel the urge to dip my toe back in later to clean up a few things (I’m missing a crew member still, and some of the trophies look interesting since you need to gimp yourself a bit to get them), but it’s definitely going on the shelf for now.

Picked up Below on deep discount, and it’s OK in a minimalist roguelike kind of way, but I don’t know that it’s going to hold my interest for much longer.

Finally started in on Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, a 5 year old game, which gives you an idea of how deep my backlog is! This sequel still has a strong core, though the traversal is stolen from Assassin’s Creed and the combat is stolen from the Batman Arkham games. The Nemesis system was always overhyped, and it’s not quite as interesting as it thinks it is, but it does provide some cool flavor to the game. One thing this series always did well was making you feel really powerful from the beginning, making you overconfident in fighting a dozen people at the same time, and then suddenly ratcheting up the pressure and letting you find yourself in a situation where three dozen grunts are attacking you along with 3 captains with complementary strengths while several archers pelt you with arrows, and now you’re crapping your pants trying to figure out how to escape without dying. It looks like the sequel has more of a meta-game going on too, but I’m not too far into it yet.

I gave Hell Let Loose a whirl, since it was a free PS Plus game this month and I haven’t had a chance to try many native PS5 games yet. This feels like a game that requires everyone to participate in voice chat to have any chance of being fun, and sure enough, no one was talking when I tried to play. Other than looking a little shinier, holding 60fps easily, and giving me some de rigueur haptic feedback, there wasn’t a whole lot to differentiate this from a PS4 game. After a few play attempts and no real enjoyment I deleted the thing.

I need to get back to Falcon Age on the VR front, which I put on hold when I got The Persistence. It also sounds like the November PS Plus free game lineup will include multiple VR games, so hopefully there will be some on offer that I don’t already own. I’d like to try out I Expect You To Die 2 when it goes on sale, too. And I suppose one of these days I should reinstall No Man’s Sky and see how the VR mode looks on a PS5 (and all the post-launch expansions, since I’ve only played the vanilla launch version before).