No Prayer On The Road: The Dissection


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I think we can all agree that this tour saw a much bigger emphasis on the band itself rather than backdrops/stage set, etc.

The band was (sort of) re-energized with the addition of Janick and the energy onstage was just phenomenal on that tour.

The "street" approach to the album, i think, reflected on the live performances as well.

So let's dissect this tour: Are there any full pro-shot performances? What are your thoughts on the tour? Were you there? High and low points? Every opinion is welcome ;)

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The War Machine bootleg from Wembley is a beast, one of my favourites actually. It's audio only, but a great sounding SBD. My favourite moment is Bruce during the bass intro to The Clairvoyant... "He's harmless really!". It always makes me laugh.


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I became a fan in 1991, but missed this tour. I have an enjoyable factory pressed bootleg CD (which doesn't play well anymore unfortunately) from a French gig in 1991* and I liked some things they tried out with the setlist. Hallowed Be Thy Name was very early in the set! And I liked Janick's (sometimes) wild contribiutions in 22 Acacia Avenue and The Prisoner. The bold stuff below was a cool mini-set within the set. ;) I also love the live renditions from that album, and noticed the minimal emphasis on (especially) the Powerslave, SIT and SSOASS albums. It was especially Beast and No Prayer.

*The last gig of the tour. Setlist:

Public Enema Number One
Die With Your Boots On
Hallowed Be Thy Name
22, Acacia Avenue
The Prisoner

No Prayer For The Dying
The Evil That Men Do
The Clairvoyant
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Trooper
Heaven Can Wait
Iron Maiden
- - - - - - -
The Number Of The Beast
Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter
Run To The Hills
My main memory of this tour was that in England they played a lot of smaller venues that they hadnt played for a few years. I also remember my girlfriend at the time hated Maiden but loved of the support band, Wolfsbane so I had to take her along with me. Always thought they were terribly overrated, could never see the appeal - I remember thinking their singer, Blaze Bayley, was particularly poor. Wonder what ever happened to him......

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My first ever rock concert! Long Beach Arena 1991. Fantastic setlist and yeah, War Machine is a great show and recording.


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Hated everything about that period . The "back to the roots" attitude was silly because the album NPFTD didn't support that and had nothing to do with the "roots" of Iron Maiden . Secondly going from the majestic SSOASS tour (and album) to the NPFTD period was painful for anyone that was a Maiden fan at that time . You could feel that the decline had begun with a bang . Gers was annoying as a replacement to great the Adrian Smith .
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As much as i "despise" this record for not being up to Maidens Standard , i'd be happy with Public Enema Number One Live next tour. Some of those Songs really blossom in a live setting


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Public Enema Number One is one of my favorite Maiden songs of any era. I'd be very happy if they dusted it off.
Well to me, it's Fates Warning from this Record, but theres 0 chance they will ever play this one :(

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The title track, Public Enema and Fates Warning are my favourite tracks from that record.
(Maybe due to the fact that they sound less "back-to-the-roots" than Tailgunner, RSRD, Hooks In You, etc).


Mine too. The title track is ace. Sounds like a continuation of Infinite Dreams to me. And brilliant solos in the fast part of that song too.

Oh and on topic, I saw them in Bremen on that tour, with Anthrax. Maiden were smokin and Bruce was all ADHD like. Climbing up the rig and stuff I've never seen him do before. Total early daysEddie Vedder energy from him there.


Neat. Try the live version from Wembley as well. Awesome. This track should be a standard on every tour.