Nicko's gongs


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You got all excited when you clicked on this, didn't you? Perverts. :lol:

Anyway, although this topic is already veering in the direction of madness, I have a serious question (two, in fact!) to ask of you.

1. After watching the AMoLaD Bonus DVD, where Nicko mentions that his beloved gong is used in two of the tracks, I've always tried to figure out which ones they are.  I know that there is a gong used at the end of 'These Colours Don't Run', but I always get caught up in the music later on in the album, and forget to listen for the gong...can someone tell me where Nicko's second gong is?*

2. Has Nicko used a gong on any other Iron Maiden records before?  If so, where?  I know that Clive used one at the end of Total Eclipse.

*And the disturbing potential for double-entendre continues... :blush:


Raven said:
I know that Clive used one at the end of Total Eclipse.
Clive also used his gong on Charlot the Harlot :oops:

Sorry, I just had to get that gem out :p


He uses it live more, I think. Or perhaps I'm just conjuring up images of John Bonham with Nicko's face, banging on a gong with my imagination.

Edit: Wow, didn't realize this thread was so old. heh...


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Genghis Khan said:
It had to be old with Connor posting in it.  :p
Who the hell is Conor?

Seriously, I do miss his anarchic posts. ;)


I think he uses it in 'For The Greater Good of God' at 4:55 (not sure, but it sounds like it :) )


Sounds a bit like it too, it may be initially sounding like a bass drum, but its more edgy. I think it's either a gong or something similar.