New Single - The Writing on the Wall


Ancient Mariner
I'm predicting right now that this is the track that is the laid back softer tune that sits in between two heavier tracks or even epics. When Speed of Light came out, nobody thought they would get a 90 minute plus mammoth. And when The Final Frontier single was released, nobody expected the weird, layered mid sections of the second half. It always seems like the first single of their post reunion albums are the small appetizers before the tremendous main course. If that is the case here, we are in for some kind of treat because this blows away Speed of Light, Different World, Widest Dreams and has much more going on than The Wicker Man. I think I'm going to shit my pants.
I think the vid practically deserves its own appreciation thread. Just spotted the crashed R101 too
I spot something different every time - Cart & Horses, Aces High bar, ed force one, sooty, final frontier helmet, Eddies Archive box set, photo of Eddie from Twilight Zone cover, im sure im missing loads more!

I hadnt actually spotted the R101 yet, im going to have to watch again now!


Educated Fool
3 bites at it in 20 minutes:

Listen 1 on YT - 'Urgh, that's awful. I hate it'
Listen 2 on Spotify - 'Ok well it sounds better at least. It's alright I suppose'
Listen 3 on Spotify - 'Hang on, there's something in this you know...'
My reaction was kinda like this as well. Now after more than 10 listens I'm really enjoying it. Don't know if I'm forcing mysef to like it unconsciously but yeah, got me excited for the album :D

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Dude I was literally about to make this comment! The similarities had just hit me, lol. Great minds and all that.
I agree to some extent. The melodies on TWOTW are better in my opinion and the music is more adventurous (at least, varied) on "Mother Russia" although they were basically repeating "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" (the song) in the instrumental section.


Ancient Mariner
It sounds like it was a song from The Final Frontier or The Book of Souls. The production and sound doesn't change at all.
Sounds like a song from 2019 :lol:

Fabio Maiden

Educated Fool
The real CHILLS. Can't handle this. It has got such a magic in it... So unique. So different.
So unexpected. The video, too.

Let's embrace this moment...

Maiden never surprised me this much.
First time in my life that I thought the song wasn't by them, at first. I was blown away.

Smith/Dickinson is a letal combo.

So grateful, tonight.
6 years... I have been fully repaid.


The Ever Present "It"
I just watched the video, and wow, that was awesome! It's probably the best Iron Maiden music video (although Speed of Light is stiff competition). Samurai Eddie was almost completely unexpected (I only say "almost" because of the ninjas in that old card), and the Iron Maiden references were excellently worked in, too.

Also, I didn't know Eddie was left-handed.