New single: Stratego


Ancient Mariner
Has anyone noticed that the mastering sounds lower compared to TWOTW? Is this an unmastered copy?
The overall frequency balance is a bit different too and the overall level is indeed lower. This could be two different masters, yeah.


Ancient Mariner
I also find it interesting how much better Bruce sounds here than on TWOTW even though he wrote that one. The vocals here just soar, I wonder how many other songs will have these sort of layered vocals? It adds much needed polish to these versions for sure!


Ancient Mariner
Really enjoying the song, it's very catchy without being overly simple in the lyric department. Nicko is on fire. However, listening via iTunes with my Sennheiser HD280 Pros, the vocals are not well-defined in the mix enough for my tastes, especially in the choruses.


clap hands
Gers is a reason why I'm into Maiden
Same here! Bruce is also a reason why I'm into Maiden. Also, Adrian is a reason I'm into Maiden. Steve too, he's a reason why I'm into Maiden. Probably Davey as well, he's a reason why I'm into Maiden. Can't forget Nicko, who is also a reason I'm into Maiden!
Has anyone noticed that the mastering sounds lower compared to TWOTW? Is this an unmastered copy?
Yeah, I noticed the same thing - play them back to back and they do sound different. At least on Spotify.
Absolutely. I listened to TWOTW right after and it's light years punchier, louder, and less muddy.
I have no idea why they do this. It is so annoying imo.
It drives me absolutely crazy. It's one of the main reasons why I hate The Red and The Black.
Yeah this guitar following is normally very annoying. However this time I think it creates a nice harmony with the vocals.
It's fine in the chorus, where there is a vocal harmony going, but the verse is literally just playing the melody one octave up. I guess it's slightly better than playing it in the exact same octave, but still: blegh!


Ancient Mariner
Stratego, no matter what you think or say, I like this one a lot. Rocking relatively compact, solid song, heavy groove right from the start and you cannot escape the classic Maiden spirit there. Bit of Bond in the feeling.
God damn, this album is gonna be huge. Bruce sounds great but also this has sort of Bruce solo-feeling a bit and I like his doubled vocals.
2 listens down and now some more soon.


Jester with no tears
This gave me something to already start hoping for in a future album...

There is a track written solely by Dave Murray. There are some tracks written solely by Adrian Smith. I hope to see the day where an Iron Maiden release would have Janick Gers as the sole writer of the track!