New posters! Who are you?


I've been lurking on MaidenFans for a while but only recently started posting. Fan of Maiden since Killers. Fav album: Powerslave. Least fav: FOTD and FF. And I love No Prayer for the Dying--that's right, I said it. I also love Flick of the Switch, and all the other AC/DC fans think I'm nuts for that, too.


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Long time fan from Connecticut. Was a member on the official IM website by the name of Wraith and then the website,Maidenfansunited under a name I really hated after a while, Megalodon. Chose my current name after my fave NHL team, the Boston Bruins. Huge fan of Maiden,The Beatles,Oasis,Amorphis,Within Temptation,AC/DC,Enslaved and Cheap Trick.
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