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Whose friend are you, mattias?! I call collusion!

Frenetic Heretic

Above reproach
I’ve been an Iron Maiden fan since 1986, but only went to my first Maiden show in 2016. Better late than never, although I’m not much of a concert goer in general. I’m into books, history, science fiction, so Maiden always spoke to my interests.

Outside of Maiden, I’m more into classic Prog (Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd) than metal these days, but used to listen to, and at times still revisit, the big five (I count Exodus) thrash bands as well as early Black Sabbath and Motörhead.


Meme Only Account
Hi, I'm CriedWhenBrucieLeft! My hobbies include hoeing the garden & drinking McEwan's Export. I also like chugging riffs out.

Adrian Smith isn't one of my Top 5 guitarists.