My "singing" covers of Iron Maiden

Discussion in 'Musicians Discussion' started by Heavylution, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    Hi everybody,

    Iron Maiden brought me to music, and I initially played guitar and formed a metal band. Then I came to sing, and my master has been Bruce Dickinson of course since that moment!

    After a few years I finally made some Iron Maiden "vocal covers" and would like to share them with you. I find a big interest in having some opinions from worldwide fans who will probably be different from my french friends opinions. Do not hesitate to help my french accent :) !

    I work a lot to improve my singing, so don't feel shy and criticize please!

    Here's the last one : 2 Minutes to Midnight

    The Prisoner

    The Trooper

    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    Hope you enjoyed and up the Irons!!!
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  2. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler CriedWhenBazzaSued Staff Member

    That was pretty awesome.
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  3. Gk1

    Gk1 Ancient Mariner

    Dude,you are good
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  4. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    Thanks a lot guys!! I want to sing other bands but everytime... I finally do a Maiden :)
  5. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    You sound amazing,
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  6. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide ...quite like the Jack of Hearts...

    Listened only to Rime... but dude, amazing! If your band had a concert here, I would buy the ticket. I like your "Down in falls comes the rain" maybe even a bit more than the Bruce's, honestly. :D Keep on with the good work! :ok:
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  7. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    What an amazing answer! This "Then donw in falls comes the rain" has been one of my favorite sentence for a long time!
  8. FTB

    FTB Stranger in a Strange Board

    Didn't expect much, but was positively impressed. Keep it Up =)
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  9. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    Thanks FTB!
  10. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Well done! Very good singing! And strong and original(!) backing vocals! I heard some cool stuff in Mariner in the second half.

    I can't resist mentioning this though. What I hear (and I'm not sure if you'd like to hear it ;) ) is that you also sound like Tobias Sammet. ;-) But you also have a touch of a young David DeFeis, from Virgin Steele. Seriously. (You know the Noble Savage album?)

    Could I do a request?

    One of these songs?

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  11. Dr. Eddies Wingman

    Dr. Eddies Wingman Brighter than thousand_suns

    Great singing!
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  12. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway (slow heavy metal music playing)

    It's the accent isn't it? ;)

    Haha metal singing is funny but yeah Heavylution you sure nail all of it's gimmicks and great voice! :edmetal:
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  13. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    No, I was more thinking of the vibration, in higher, louder and longer parts.
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  14. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    Being compared to Tobias Sammet is not so bad :) Forostar, I used to love his singing too, but of course not as much as Bruce's one. Now I don't listen to him anymore and he finally irritates me a bit with all his exagerated gimmicks, but the songs you posted are from the period that influenced me at the beginning.
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  15. Brigantium

    Brigantium Grim Reaper Staff Member

    Wow. Nice work.
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  16. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Must have albums, still!
  17. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    Thanks to all!! Your comments are so good that I surprised myself listening to them all for fun! I really had fun on the Rime of the ancient mariner, I forgot that I made so many variations with choirs.

    I also see that I forgot Infinite Dreams, the first I did! Not the best I think but correct I think, tell me!
  18. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway (slow heavy metal music playing)

    Let's see. You absolutely nail the word Infinite Dreams in the beginning...I totally thought that was Bruce but then you kinda fell off I think. You sound a lot more subdued and muffled in your accentuation and your phrasing here. Perhaps you need to practice being more intense in your delivery even when you have to do slow parts....The big dramatic/metal singing you definitely nail.

    Since you say this is an old video. I'd like to see you do a tune like Hallowed Be Thy Name... Which has a bit of everything vocally.
  19. Heavylution

    Heavylution Prowler

    Oh great! (if I understood the meaning of "nail"), very constructive answer :) ! Yes, it was quite a bit hard to feel involved in the first part, as I love it but didn't have enough vocal technic to do what I wanted. That's an aspect I am working on, I feel better now with that kind of interpretatio, but I'm still not 100% satisfy. My ultimate objective is to "cover" this one :

    But that's a really, really high level!

    And about Hallowed...we were speaking with my band to do it! I hope well' do it!
  20. Ariana

    Ariana Black-and-white leopard

    Really enjoyed listening to all these. Great work, Heavylution!

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