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My Dying Bride’s latest opus and 12th full studio album, ‘Feel the Misery’, is set for release on 18th September on Peaceville Records. With crushing epic doom spanning 8 tracks, and featuring the return of original guitarist Calvin Robertshaw to the fold, this is undoubtedly amongst the band’s heaviest, darkest, & most majestic works to date, marking My Dying Bride’s 25th anniversary in punishing style, with the title track also set to feature as the album’s debut video.
‘Feel the Misery’ sees a notable return to the band’s old haunt, Academy Studios in Dewsbury West Yorkshire for recording, where all of My Dying Bride’s classic early albums were produced. Mixing once more takes place at Futureworks in Manchester UK with the band’s long-time studio engineer/producer, Mags.
The band comments on the themes of ‘Feel the Misery’: “Contained within are all the grandeur and mastery of the melancholic one would expect to find on a recording from this group of musicians. The crushing of hearts and the solemn farewells to friends and lovers twinned with the destruction of flesh and the passions of cruelty are laid neatly for the listener to devour and savour. Eight new compositions detailing the path of life through dark doors and the burdens we all must endure simply to make it to the end, My Dying Bride have returned with a foreboding new album which may enlighten, delight and consume the soul in one epic sitting”.
‘Feel the Misery’ will be released on CD, vinyl, plus a special edition 2CD/2x10” vinyl set in deluxe earbook format, with exclusive music & expanded booklet.

1. And My Father Left Forever
2. To Shiver In Empty Halls
3. A Cold New Curse
4. Feel The Misery
5. A Thorn Of Wisdom
6. I Celebrate Your Skin
7. I Almost Loved You
8. Within A Sleeping Forest

My Dying Bride has been the leading light of doom metal since their debut album "As The Flower Withers" was released on Peaceville Records back in 1992., the band's heavy atmospherics and expertly crafted compositions make them among the most essential and legendary acts of the gothic doom/death genre.

Can't wait :edmetal:


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Only album I have by this band is Turn Loose the Swans, but I really enjoy it. Been meaning to check out more of their stuff. I'll definitely check this album out, any suggestions for what to listen to in the mean time?


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Are you serious? :)
That's (probably) their most controversial song from their most controversial album.

Everyone can sure listen to it, but it's not representative. Even though that might not be Mosh's goal, just saying.


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Not really, I'm winding you up a bit. Still a cool song, I think, and if you compare it to Turn Loose the Swans it shows that the band has some range.


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I don't want to play this whole track. Too much of a spoiler. ;--)
Really like what I heard though!

Interesting interview! A bit humorous in the beginning. And then more serious. Revealing (and amazing) as well imo (what he says about his father in relation to this opening track).

I'm also a bit surprised that about 95% of the album as written before Calvin joined. I was under the impression that he came back to the band before the recordings had started.
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Shared by the band themselves (official facebook)

Ok that went more wrong than I think was anticipated so here's some light hearted humour. This was released just before "The Barghest O' Whitby" EP. Author unknown.

This is not in anticipation of a new EP please don't get confused.

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Cool that you like it, I actually think the vocals are the worst thing about the cover :p I prefer the more subdued vocals of the original song. However, the blastbeats are totally awesome.


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Listened to this the other day, this is incredible! I like MDB best when they seem sincere and not a parody of themselves. My favorite albums from them are Turn Loose the Swans, Angel and the Dark River, 34.67888% Complete and A Line of Deathless Kings. Those albums had the right mix of doom and gloom but also some hope and light and a bit of accessibility. This new track sounds like the album is gonna be the sheezie.


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I found it quite pleasant yet too much generic. Still better than anything in Feeel The Misery. Let's hope the rest of the album is a bit more "outside the box". My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost have been quite derivative of their own past formulas on their last couple of albums and that saddens me because we're talking about 2 exceptionaly creative acts that already proved several times they can mix a multitude of influences and still sound amazing.