Montsegur, historical analysis. Genocide and the role of the church


I just joined the site and I've been a maiden fan as long as I can remember and I think that IM is one of the reasons that I'm so interested in history and especially military history. So I just graduated college and in my last year I had to take a class to show what I learned over four years of course and my seminar was on "Crimes against humanity" and I chose to write my final paper that had to be over 15+ pages on the Cathar genocide and it's motivations and implications on Languedocian society, the catholic church and how it can be applied to the modern world. So I'm basically so much of a maiden geek (and a geek overall) that I chose to do school work based on Iron Maiden. I'm going to post my paper on here and feel free to read it, if you're bored or if you feel interested it is after all based on Montsegur so it can't be all bad.


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