Misheard lyrics

Black Abyss Babe

Quantum weather butterfly
From Flash of the Blade - "The smell of rotted liver", which I initially took to refer to his victims. I still can't hear "resined leather", even knowing that those are the real words.


Educated Fool
"From the coast of Gaul,
Across the seven seas"

'Cos, being British, France would be the most likely place to start all those long, lonely journeys.


I still hear "through the fucking ice" in ROTAM even today.
"Nail that fucker, kill that son" also comes to mind..


I'm really surprised this one hasn't been mentioned, but can everyone guess which song (has everyone done their homework this week)..?

"But never reached the eyes, disguise masturbating as the funny man do they despise.". I seriously thought this was the line!! Hahaha good thing I have the lyrics printed on the sleeve :D


Educated Fool
"And it's more of the saaaaaaame" on The Red and The Black instead of "I need somebody to saaaave me". Yes, funny.