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Due to a grievous miscalculation by the nuclear physicists present, the event in question was only as bright or slightly brighter than 986.3 suns - as defined as class F (weaker hydrogen, ionized metals, and yellowish white in color) on the spectral sequence - this can be typified with a general luminosity in the F7 II range on the MKK class scale - as seen from 9.539 astronomical units (or more practically; the distance of the planet Saturn from our Sun) << and of course, taking into consideration the various parallax views taken from orbit in regard to each individual "sun">> - it is important to also note; and perhaps this was the cause of the initial error, that the "suns" in question can also differ by no more than 1 standard deviation.

So.... happy birthday 986.3 Suns; now, go unfuck yourself.

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Deano, above post is most kind,  I don't think anyone, let alone myself, could have done a better job.  It is kind to remember 1k_suns on his birthday.  I am sure that if Bruce sang happy birthday, no one could have sang beter.  I do not understand what this thread is for.

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