Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 5

Senjutsu vs. POM

  • Senjutsu

    Votes: 17 47.2%
  • Piece Of Mind

    Votes: 19 52.8%

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Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
Okay - TXF out, TFF still in...

... and I'll keep it short this time & I guess this is a mean one:

SENJUTSU vs. PIECE OF MIND today!!! ---> The better album???

Come on you Irons! :edmetal:

Again 24 hours time to vote, poll results again can't be viewed before having voted, once casted vote cannot be changed, poll will be closed after 24 hours for then the next comparison will start.
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el diablo

Educated Fool
This one is fucking brutal. SiT is my favorite by them, but these are 2nd and 3rd favorites and the order seems to shift by whichever one I listened to most recently. Crap.

Iron Lurker

Ancient Mariner
My favorites change all the time. While I absolutely love Senjutsu and feel IMO it's the best reunion album today I must say Piece of Mind is better...


Educated Fool
Senjutsu is very good. Piece of Mind is in a medal winning position.

Iron Maiden should definitely write more scientifically improbable songs about men living alongside dinosaurs.questing for things.
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The dotage of a dotard
Both are great albums overall with some killer tracks and some lesser ones, but Piece Of Mind has more merely OK songs on it (e.g. “Quest For Fire” and “To Tame A Land”) while Senjutsu has the 1-2 masterpiece knockout of “The Parchment” and “Hell On Earth”. Gotta go with Senjutsu.

Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
Any requests and wishes for an upcoming round btw? Next will be about to compete two out of these:
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Last Son of The Miracle
The run of "Where Eagle Dare" through to "Still Life" is unparalleled in Maiden's discography, but PoM tanks quite hard in its last three songs. Senjutsu is the opposite, less consistent in its first half then takes a massive step up in the second. For the first run alone I'll give this to Piece of Mind, but this was another incredibly tough call.