Maiden England Tour 2012/2013!


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@Dickinson1978 - Decent video with more than decent sound! Thanks man! Great solos from Adrian, and I wish Steve would just stop trying to sing backing vocals and leave it to Adrian! :D

By the way, what is wrong with the people in the first few rows, half of them are holding cellphones or cameras, trying to record something that will look and sound as crap, instead of being immersed in the atmosphere of being in the front row at a Maiden show. Geez...


Bruce still sounds great.

He can't shriek like he used to (he's not the "air raid siren" anymore), but he can hit the notes he needs to. All while he bounces around like a ball of energy up there.
I just wanted to say the Atlanta show was amazing! I couldn't stop singing the whole night. I didn't think people moshed at Maiden concerts, but apparently I was wrong because a huge one started right in front of me. My dad was like,"Oh my God they're fighting! :D


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I don't know MaidenCanada, at the first chorus of
Brucie's scream really is pretty good. Not that it matters much, but that still sounds like the old shriek of yesteryear...


I'll shoot the gunner first!
I wonder if the Setlist might change tonight
I hope hallowed and Infinte Dreams gets added Maybe even a good Still Life
If it hasn't changed in the first two or three nights, it won't change for the rest of the tour.


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I think Bruce is singing good right now,but his top since reunion was from 1999 to 2005,then i listen to him his voice sounds old,i would love him to sing like Donnington 1992,his voice was warm and sharp.

In any case,he is singing right now 7/10.and for me is enought singing difficult songs.


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Got back from the Maiden show last night, and I totally just...oh man. What a great setlist. Completely surprised when they played Afraid to Shoot Strangers. SMX freaked out when "Who are you..." came on. Natalie was a madchild the whole time. Fucking awesome gig. And I got to see Aces High live, one of my first favourite songs!


Seems like the choose for the beginning of the encore sounds good there hehe
I think Aces High works well as the first song of the encore and in my opinion its really the only other place in the set it could work other than being the opener.

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Ohhhh Yeahh 3.5 hours till Maiden here at jones beach, havent seen them in 10 years, so pumped for this getting ready to leave work.


Enjoy the show, man. It was great last night.
Maiden was awesome, but that the sound was horrendous. It got better after the second song. I seriously thought they were headed for a train wreck during the first song. But man, it was great to see them.


The playing was just fine. The mix was terrible and it was just way too loud. A shame because Alice Cooper sound crisp and clear.


Agreed about terrible sound @ Jones Beach - I was on the Janick side of stage and sound was all over the place. Sounded just as bad to me during Alice Cooper. This was my first Maiden show since Radio City in '85 (Powerslave!) so I was perfectly happy regardless.


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The playing was just fine. The mix was terrible and it was just way too loud. A shame because Alice Cooper sound crisp and clear.

Bullseye. It was so loud that it came out distorted. We could hardly understand anything Bruce said. I think that mix might have worked in an open-air ampitheater, but that roof over the first two seated sections made all the sound reverb back down on us and it was muddy. In terms of performance and staging, an awesome show - but soured by really bad sound.

Also right about Alice - he was quieter, and his sound was perfect.