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Many NOK has been payed.

Just secured festival pass for Tons of Rock 2024, so in June I'll see Metallica live for the first time in something like 10 years, Priest for the first time in even more years (shame on me) and Tool for the first time ever.

Aaaand ... also got my ticket for Bruce's solo tour. June 2024 is going to be so great.

And @Smither - happy birthday! :cheers:
I would be rather satisfied doing 3:50 in a marathon.

It’s a good time for first marathon, normally this would be not negotiable 2 weeks ago, but then I got injured. Not too serious but I feel a light pain even when I walk so this could affect my time in 42km.
At the advise of my coach I stopped taking medicine so to monitor the pain and it’s getting better by the day.

Yesterday my physiotherapist told me: it’s ok you can resume running on Thursday. I said with a grin, but I never stopped running :D

I just took 2-3 days of additional break and instead of Threshold runs at 4:45/km I did Tempo runs at 5:00. Zone 2 runs and long runs I kept as before.

Lesson learnt I neglected strengthening in the gym and paid the price. Won’t happen again.
Never, I have however taken part in some skiing events a few years back (during my student years), and the long distance bicycle race Trondheim-Oslo once (540 km). But I've never put down the hours of training to really do well. I've tried to maintain an active lifestyle, but running/skiing/biking fast has never become a passion for me. Nowadays I just try to get in 3-5 training sessions a week from a varied menu consisting of football, strength training, running, and (now that winter is coming) skiing.

The longest I've ever run is about 20 km.
I voted for the Pharaoh to Orion. Less signing time from main vocalist plus better title and video, a clear winner errr against Sirens.

EDIT: Popoff's list sucks but I've noticed every time it's a Nightwish it's never Popoff, crazy eh? :nuts:
Wow nice avatar there :)

Huge b'day so far. This was the first day you could take you bib for the marathon, so I closed the PC, took the car and went there. Huge organisation I was impressed.

Funny, I even found my pacer, the exact guy that will pace my section for my pace.

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