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So just walking to someone on another team and shouting "Dave, Adrian or Janick!"is perfectly socially acceptable?


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Just spotted someone in the office wearing a Maiden shirt.

1. Is it creepy to go and talk to them?
No, I used to do this quite alot: nice conversation with a German Maiden fan in Florence Hard Rock Café. I told a customer who was wearing a Rush shirt he had great taste in music, talked almost half an hour about Rush! Now he always comes to me if he needs help.
2. How soon to raise the Dave, Adrian or Janick question?
Or the Blaze in my case. :D
At the end of the chat...


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Seriously considering outsourcing more of my arguments to @Diesel 11.

I don't get it why LC stopped it? It wasn't that nasty as far as I can tell. Though I must say I didn't properly read the posts, just skimmed them.. :D

EDIT: Read it. Yeap.
Lazy me, I was essentially asking you to tell me what happened cause I'm bored to read
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I'm wearing one today. She's off :D

Not 100% similar but this reminded me the Maiden T-shirt I never bought.
My lady found a great site in Thailand with some amazing Maiden T-shirts & hoodies. Prices made in Heaven.

I had to choose between so many beautiful beautiful designs that in the end I didn't buy anything "waiting" the right moment to hit. And now that I want to buy so bad there's lockdown for 2+ months and nothing is moving.

Moral: Do not delay your decisions. Act now, always.