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I got Windows 11, but I'm not a prolific enough user to tell you if it's worth getting or not. My biggest gripe is that the Start button (or whatever it's called now) is in the middle instead of the left corner and I keep forgetting.

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I'm somewhat drubl too. Self-medication. Whisky doesn't cure a cold, but makes it more bearable.
For me, getting stoned really helped with a bad flu bug I had years ago.
Every damn time they try to redo the start menu, people lose their shit (myself included). Why they keep trying is beyond me.
That's one thing I love about Mac is they always keep the same overall look. Here is there operating system from 2000 verses their newest one.




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Phenomenally good and stable since the .0 version, this was my favorite macOS release since Snow Leopard.
I remember the release of Snow Leopard, I was working for Apple at the time. And it was easy on the people who had Intel Macs, but the people on older PowerPC architecture were furious.


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^Yeap, I still remember you saying that it bothered you switching shortcuts when you get back from work. I was thinking of that moment literally 2 hours ago while using my Logitech MX Keys between Mac & PC confusing the command with control and getting furious.

Regarding Snow Leopard, I starting from 10.6.6 I think but I've heard and read that the first one -two point versions were disastrous.


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I both don't understand why they bother moving the menu around, and why people can't wrap their heads around it.

Hit the goddamn "Windows" key and start typing the thing you want to launch.

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@Travis The Dragon this is not the absolutely newest version though. It seems to be Mojave which was released 3 years earlier.

Phenomenally good and stable since the .0 version, this was my favorite macOS release since Snow Leopard.
Oops, I've lost track of the release with all those crazy names. Still, Monterey which appears to be the latest also looks very similar to Cheetah.


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Aren't those just sides 3 & 4 of the original release?


My guess is it's one of those semi-official releases you used to get back in the day from places like south america, behind the iron curtain etc. Like the korean Piece of Mind that only had 5 tracks.

I'm pretty sure there is some colombian release that's really rare and expensive but I can't think of what album it was now.