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The Angel Of The Odd
No5 before September 3rd: Seeking Company's driver to visit clients in the suburbs.
After September 3rd: Volunteering to drive for 500+ km business trips. :D


Let's Get Volatile
So, a friend's girlfriend works in a music shop, in which they had a display for Senjutsu featuring a cardboard cut-out samurai Eddie. At the end of the promotional period, the display got taken down and Eddie was available to anyone who wanted him and they very kindly offered him to me. How could I turn down a life-size Eddie? :lol:



Love in anger
So you have enough money for the rest of your life ?
Theoretically, if there isn’t some really long-term cataclysm in the U.S. market that never fully recovers, and health insurance costs don’t spiral so far out of control that even a very risk-averse plan can’t withstand the increases. I suppose long-term high inflation would sink me if it happened, too.

But hey, nothing is certain in life, and my chances of success are high enough that I’m comfortable taking the leap now. We’ll see what happens.