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Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
These Slayer shows must be full of knuckle draggers and meatheads considering that Lamb of God are supporting. I can imagine each show being four hours of non-stop circle pits and people yelling unintelligibly in their best Metal voice.
You're not far wrong.


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
I saw Tom Araya and Gary Holt feuding on Instagram over the midterms. (More specifically over a conservative chain message shared by Tom)
This won't be the first time. Araya did that post a while back on the Slayer Instagram of Trump photoshopped with the band. Araya thought it was funny and would piss folk off, but it was removed the next day by another band member ( or whatever). A statement was then put out to state Slayer is apolitical, and all that.

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Anyone keen on a SpiceFans meet up next summer?


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Posh is still raking it in despite not taking part. I want her job.

They were a bit before my time, I find it baffling that they were as popular as they were. :eek:


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
I would never had noticed a spice girl was missing unless it was pointed out.


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They were only together for 6 years before breaking apart - an artificial connection of talent to create a brand that didn't survive very long, but certainly created a hell of a brand.

Who are we saying is missing?
I don't know, I can hardly tell them apart. I just know there's five.